-The first step in a long journey

It started innocently enough, my father, the Khan of our tribe Pari Midnight, informed me that his friend, his mentor was coming to see me and talk about my destiny. I went to bed that night unaware of how much one day could change the rest of my life.

I spent most of my life learning to hunt and take care of the heard. I studied and learned the teachings of Waha, the ways to survive on our great land of prax. I learned about chaos, for father always said “learn of your past, learn of your family, but learn what you fear, for fear can control you, and knowledge defeats fear.”

Most of my knowledge came from my father, not only was he khan, which meant he was more knowledgeable then most my tribe, but the only person who controlled him, my mother passed during labor when my body manifested in this world.

As I laid down to sleep, I felt a shiver go through me. What that was, to this day I still am unsure. As I slept that night, many visions came and went; places I have never seen, faces that I have never met, and feelings that I have never considered. One thing out of all these dreams stuck out more then the others; what can only be described as a great spirit form with only one distinguishable feature, a great horn from his head. I remember this because not only did it force feelings that I have never felt, like a great impala’s horn through my stomach, I remember not cowering or wincing but raised my eyes in intrigue. This amazing spirit showed a sign of acceptance, and as fast he arrived, he dissappeared.

I woke shortly after that to screams and yells of my tribe. Chaos has entered, the broo formed an unholy alliance with what can only be described as a snail dragon. They heard was running wild, children where crying, I wasn’t afraid, but was aware of my limits. I went to round up children and get them to safety as their fathers tried to fight them off.

Once I got the children to safety, I tried to find a high ground so that I could watch the event from afar. Most of the members of the tribe got brutally slain by the Dragon when it spits its poison. Then I saw him…My father, the khan, the solver of problems, the chieften of chieften, I new this battle was going to end abruptly. He gestured all the warriors to leave.

This point, most the broo have been defeated. So my father stood about 5 ft from the beast. A sudden calm, to this day I call it the eye of the storm. The giant creature roared with all three heads at once. A roar that sent everyone running, everyone but my father. Immediately after the beasts attempt to intimidate my father he swung his own head as a weapon. My father calmly stepped aside. The beast continued, as did father. After dodging a few blows, it was clear to me, he was testing the creature…measuring it speed, strength and intelligence. When Pari made his move, it was if the creature didn’t even see it coming. He struck the left head of the creature with one mighty blow…it dropped as if it soul was removed. As quickly as it hit the ground it rose right back up. The problem with chaos is its “unpredictable nature”. After a few rounds of this happening I noticed my father starting to tire. After dodging a swing, he left his defensive position and stood upward, incredibly still, speaking to him self. He then raised both arms facing the mighty beast and he shouted, with unnatural power, words in a language I have never heard. Out came rays of different colors…black,blue,white, red and more. This shock destroyed the beast, sending all his blood, guts, heads and pieces of shell all about.

My father did it, but this accomplishment had its consequences. He was covered with chaos, the taint seeked into his body. I prayed to waha to help him, to save him, to remove the taint. Within a few hours his body started to change into the mighty beast he destroyed. His back was growing a shell, his skin changing to green.

The priest were astonished, but then “he” came, the man I was waiting for. He went by Syclas, he looked at my father, then looked at me praying by my father’s bed. He whispered “Forgive me”. Said a few words I could not understand…before he was done a tear fell from my eye…. When I arose, it had seem my father found piece, the spirit has left him. The only problem was, so did his.

Syclas gave me a short grievence period before he started what he originally came for. He was here to tell me about my destany, my future. But instead of anwsers he came with questions!!! The worst part was, most of these questions had no anwsers. When he was done his questioning he asked me to leave. I was puzzled, but honestly was relieved to get away from him got he was starting to bother me.

While Syclas was taking time to himself, I figured I would see how the burial procedures were going. Luckily, my father had many allies who went out of their way to do the work that family would usually take care of. I traded for a few tokens, that tradition says, if buried with him, would bring him luck.

While looking through his posestions, I found a token that his father gave him. It was to be given to me at my man-hood ceremony. At this point it hit me, I felt empty inside. My guidance left me. As all young, my father help guide me to what I have become. I got angry, I stormed in to Scylas ceremony. Before I get a word of he says “You will learn shortly, not to interupt a process like this.” I go to argue, but before I get the words out he says “What you search, you will find in (Town Name). Go let the spirits you…that can provide direction.” I wanted to question him more, but decided that neither him, nor my tribe can aide me.

I set of for (Town Name)with nothing more then Impala the town gave me, a few of my fathers posessions, and my trusty Mace. The travel was two weeks, I scavenged and hunted small game for food. When I arrived, I saw Scylas waiting for me. I was confused, but didn’t question.

“You will join some fine young men that have gathered here for different reasons, not unlike yourself.” Sylas proclaimed. “You came here to find guidance, but like your father before you, you will be guiding. The guidance you seek will be found in the spirits as you strive to become a shaman.”

His message was clear, and I was oddly satisfied by the anwser. I knew my father talked with spirits, but he spoke little of it to me. He seemed aware that I was never going to learn from him. It seems that both father and Syclas new that day was coming, they were unaware of the circumstance of the event, but sure of the outcome. Syclas came to say good bye to my father, and aide me in his passings.

Scylas made a bold claim “You will become a man…It starts now.” Syclas lead me to a inn. There I see a group of young men like myself waiting in the courner of this bar. Immedialty a large man with earie tatoos on his face draws my attention. As I look through, an equally large man sitting next time, much less serious, but as intimidating stands out in the room. Standing up, no more then three feet away, keeping an eye on that tatooed man, stood a fellow with symbols of the sun on his armor and clothing. Scylas states “More will come, tommarow you four will be starting a journey with many others. Create a unit that works together and your lives will not end abruptly.”

The state I was in because of the events which lead to this point can be sumerized as mopy. I did not want to talk, so I kept to myself. Listen to the others making bold claims, talking about powerful gods, and trying to one up one another. I did not join in, but took pleasure in oddly expecpting group that this was turning out to be.



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